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About Good Video Ideas

I've always been interested in creating or just plain dabbling in the creative arts. Painting, pottery, drawing, coloring, etc etc.

Then along came YouTube and I was blown away by this new media that the masses could finally start experimenting with: video.

Frames upon frames of information - some good, some bad, some just plain silly! But I noticed there was an even bigger problem at hand. Some people just couldn't come up with any idea of what kind of video to make.

What a poor reason to not get in front of the camera and share your thoughts with the world! I had to do something about this... if only to help myself on those super-slow idea-generating days.

And thus came the ebook version of some movie making ideas.

Fast forward a few years and this just didn't seem like enough to help folks out. With gigs upon gigs of new video being uploaded every day, there was a need for more ideas!

So in popped the website and a fresh >4.5 million new video idea combinations ready for the fine-video folks all over the world to use.

Hope you find it useful and please - have fun making movies, yeah?!


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